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Eurolec - a unique company in the Auto Electrical trade.

Eurolec is a family business, established in 1983. We are the only company in the UK that has been involved in every part of the industry, right from the supply of core units for re-manufacturing through to new and re-manufactured units and component parts.

In total, our involvement in this industry now dates back over 40 years.

We have also supplied to a diverse range of customers since we started the company, ranging from small auto electricians to multi-national re-manufacturing companies. 

We are still one of the leading core suppliers in the UK, and have continued the tradition of re-manufacturing, which was started by the family over 40 years ago. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of new starters and alternators sourced directly from approved suppliers. In addition, we are the major supplier of modified and up-rated starter motors and alternators to the industry via our Powerlite brand, a market which continues to grow.

We have a proven track record and unrivalled pedigree at all levels of the industry with a long standing sound reputation and excellent customer support.

Eurolec offers a unique service to the automotive market and our aim is simply to offer a wide range of Starter Motors and Alternators at the best price with the best service.


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